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Printer service for employees

In order to print, copy, scan and fax documents, you can use all multifunctional printers on (MFP) the campus. You can print from the UT Workstation and from your own (private) notebook.

The MFPs provide the following functionality:

  • printing from the UT Workstation, USB stick or personal notebook;
  • copying;
  • scanning to your mailbox mail and your M: disk;

The faculty itself is responsible for keeping the machine topped up with paper. All printers have the same tray layout:

  • tray 1 is for A3 white paper;
  • tray 2 is for UT letterhead or pre-printed paper;
  • trays 3 and 4 are for A4 white paper;
  • tray 5 is for different paper sizes and types.

The request for an additional printer has to be approved by the Director of the faculty or service. You can make a request by contacting the Service desk ICT.

Request print rights for students.

Students can be given employee rights for the use of MFPs. This means that the faculty is responsible for the costs that you incur. You are then not restricted to the employee MFPs and you can also use your faculty's MFPs. You can submit a request for this to the person responsible for this (tutor or manager). This person can, by requesting the ict contact person (of the own organization), organize print rights for you. These print rights are valid for one year. After a year the rights can be requested again.


The MFPs are paid by your unit. In addition to a fixed monthly amount, there is a payment for each printout, scanning is free of charge. The unit receives lists of the copies that have been made. You can find more information on the website Facilitair Bedrijf (Dutch only).


To be able to use the MFP, you need an activated RFID card (e.g. Public Transport Chip Card, employee card or coffee machine pass). This can be your employee card. When you log in using these cards through the RFID reader, the MFP picks up your instructions. Information about how the card can be activated, or how you have to log in using your card, can be found in the manuals below. Several cards cannot be activated. If a card is lost, a different card can be activated instead of the lost card. To do so, follow the same procedure as the procedure when the first RFID card was activated. After registration of the card, you can print from anywhere in the university.


After request of an MFP, there is a 6-week delivery time. You can use the printers as soon as you have registered your RFID card.


All MFPs are managed by Xerox. When error messages or faults are raised, these are automatically reported. This can vary from error messages to the replacement of cartridges. The fault will then be rectified as soon as possible. For further support, use the Self Service portal and the manuals. Should you have any other questions or should a fault occur, please contact the Service desk ICT.

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