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UNIX Server (EEMCS employees only)

For EWI employees

Unix is a network operating system with multitasking and multi-user capabilities. On this server, data fields are available that are provided centrally. Windows users can log on to this Unix server and then gain access to Linux software.


An application is not required; this service is generally available to all EWI employees. A home directory that is better suited for the Linux server must be applied for separately from the Servicedesk ICT.


The costs are paid by the EWI faculty.


The following is necessary for the use of the UNIX remote login server:

  • A computer with internet connection.
  • An UT ICT account.
  • You work at the EWI faculty.
  • SSH software (PuTTY or SSH-client for Windows, OS X and Linux do not require any extra software).

Support is provided by theĀ Servicedesk ICT. The use of these servers is similar to the use of a normal workplace.