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Publishing data in a repository

If possible, make research data open by publishing it in a trusted data repository, such as 4TU.ResearchData or DANS. This is highly recommended, both from an individual and public interest.

  • Sustainable access and reuse

    One of the services of a trusted repository is the issuing of a persistent identifier, which guarantees sustainable access. Watch this video about Persistent identifiers and data citation explained (Research Data Netherlands).

    When publishing in a data repository, for proper reuse it is important to add metadata and a README file with documentation (guidance / template). You can use the same you added in Areda. In the near future automatic linking from Areda/Pure to 4TU.ResearchData and DANS will be realized.

    Before publishing, please check specific project or research group policies.

  • Enhancing your publication

    Once you have published the research data, you can enhance your publication(s) based on the dataset. You need to let the dataset refer to your article(s), and vice versa.

    Both 4TU.ResearchData and DANS offer the possibility to include a reference to your published article(s). This reference will be part of the metadata describing the data.

    For upcoming articles, please make sure that the data reference is included in the reference list of your article. It is also recommended mentioning this reference in your cover letter, so reviewers can verify your research.