Niswatun Faria


Niswatun Faria (on the left side of the picture below) is a 25-year-old mechanical engineering master student of the University of Twente who came to Enschede in September 2015. She took a selfie and participated in the T-shirt contest with a story to tell. Student Karisa Kharis (right) interviewed Niswatun to find out more about her story.

Niswatun Faria and Karisa Kharis in the Global Lounge.

Why did you choose UT? What do you like about the University?

To be honest, I don’t really have any special reason when I chose UT. I was working in a company in Indonesia. While I was working there I was in training for TRIZ, and I asked the trainer who was a lecturer from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), about a good program in design engineering in mechanical engineering and he suggested to search for programs in University of Twente. So, I decided to look at the programs that UT offers.

I like how the staff members in the faculty are really helpful when you have questions. The student advisors are always ready to help you when you have questions. They will listen to you when you have any academics problems and help you solve it. I think it’s very useful, especially for international students who are not familiar with the system.

What is the biggest difference in your current world compared to your previous world?

I worked and lived in Jakarta before I went to study here. Because it is a metropolitan city, it’s very crowded and busy city. It was very different when I first came in Enschede. The city is very quiet and calm. To be honest, it was a big change. Sometimes I miss being in a big city. But I think for students, Enschede is a good place to study.

The other big difference is that I was working before I went here, so it was a bit hard to become a student again. I had to adjust to the student life again.

What’s the story behind your selfie? Can you explain why this one?

At first I want to take a picture with Surabaya statue, but I didn’t get a good angle. Then I decided to take a picture with the road because it reminds me of my choice to study instead of working. At lot of people were questioning my decision because they thought that I already have a good position in my previous company. But then I think, sometimes you need to choose in your life and I was really determined to continue to my master. I thought, my study here will give me an even better job next time. So this selfie reminds me of the choices I had to make.

What would you like to achieve during your stay at the UT?

I want to deepen my knowledge in design engineering. I like many aspects of it, which is why I chose the program. I think this is what I need as product design engineer. I think it’s a good opportunity to study here and get more experience because I get to work with international students. I really want to be good at it so that it will support my future career.