luuk & ivan rozeboom


Twins -  Luuk (right) and Ivan (left) -  are 19 years old and came in September 2015 to the University of Twente. Both were interested in a study abroad. Because the study in Spain is more theoretical which was not so appealing to them. They visited the University of Twente during Open Days and they liked what they saw. As their mother is Dutch, they had a link with the Netherlands and now it’s clear, they like it here!

Why did you choose UT? What do you like about the University?

The way of teaching in Enschede is something they like very much. You can work independent on assignments, but also in groups. Ivan choose Electrical Engineering and Luuk Advanced Technology. There are similarities in the programmes: working in groups, technical studies, be independent, and of course, the Twente Education Model.  All these facts made them decide to move to Enschede in the Netherlands for some years.

Luuk: “I like my study Advanced Technology because it is very broad, so my future is not set by choosing this education, I can still go wherever I like and become whatever I choose. That made AT a good choice for me”. Ivan choose for the study Electrical Engineering. “Because I liked to take electrical machines apart – especially kitchen machines – my mum got desperate sometimes. This, because I could not reset the machine always…… Now I study Electrical Engineering mum is more confident that I will put the machines together again – as they should”, Ivan laughs.  He continues “the way of teaching is very nice, you learn theory and after that you build things (of take apart of course)”.

What is the biggest difference in your current world compared to your previous world?

“The biggest difference are the meals! We are used to bigger lunches and smaller diners. In Holland it is just the opposite” they said and both agreed that it took a while before they got used to that. They continued “everything in Spain is just a little later. Shops close here quite early, that was something to take into account and do your shopping in time’, they smiled and remembered that they stood for closed shop doors a while ago. “And of course, it is much cooler – you could say COLD – here than in Spain!”

What’s the story behind your selfie? Can you explain why this one?

“We are the sportive types – especially on the water – so we wanted to send in a really hot photograph. Our intention was to build a human wall of young people on waterskies. Since we were young we play on the water and build these kind of towers, so it was no question what the photo should look like’, Luuk said. “In the Netherlands we do not have this opportunity, so we are always glad that we can go back to Graus during holidays and call our friends to meet up at the water front”, Ivan explains. And the photograph/selfie was really hot, because they won the contest!

What would you like to achieve during your stay at the UT?

“We do not know what the future holds for us yet”, the twins explained. They continued:  “First of all, let us focus on our bachelor studies and finish that with high scores. After that we will see what to do. At the moment we like what we are doing and learning, meeting new friends, live together in an international house on campus, and do our stuff”.