Ivana Pavlovic


Ivana Pavlovic is a Public Administration student who started at University of Twente in September 2015. She took a selfie and participated in the T-shirt contest with a story to tell. Find out more about her story below.

Why did you choose UT? 

When I was about to make my decision, I had invitation letters from several Universities from Europe but then I decided to go to the Netherlands, mainly because it has one of the best educational systems in Europe and the world. Apart from that, UT offered unique experience of studying on campus, innovative study programme with international setting and nice scholarship.


University of Twente is the place where you can develop your study potentials while having active sport, social and cultural life. My Master programme keeps me busy at all times, but broad scope of the research areas give me the opportunity to learn about what I like and develop my skills in alignment with that. Besides that, professors and teaching stuff are professional and knowledgeable.  I am thankful to UT since it provided me with the Scholarship so I can fully focus on my studies.

What is the biggest difference in your current world compared to your previous world?

I am coming from Serbia, Balkan country that has rich history but completely different setting from the Netherlands. Belgrade is the cultural hub of the Balkans, but it is far less international comparing with Enschede. Here, I have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Even in my house I feel like I’m traveling all the time! I live in international student house on campus with people from 6 countries from 3 continents. It’s never boring! On the other hand, from my Dutch friends I am always learning new things about their country, habits and culture. Also, study programme offers the opportunity to learn from international stuff, among all, Dutch, German, Russian professors.

What’s the story behind your selfie? Can you explain why this one?

I’ve tried to represent my world in that photo, even though that was difficult task to do. Friend of mine, talented graphic designer, helped me in transferring my ideas into the photo. Travelling, languages, writing, studying and having fun were the main things on the photo! And I can say I pretty much follow that plan!

What is the story behind your selfie? Can you explain why this one?

We were asked to take a picture of [my] world. Whenever I am on the water, I feel that all there is on the planet is me, the wind and the water. I never had that with anything else. It's complete freedom. 

What would you like to achieve during your stay at the UT?

I would like to obtain my MSc degree! Develop my language skills and find an internship where I can show all the things I have learned during my studies at UT. After all, it seems that my list for visiting friends from UT will be longer than my Master thesis. :)