Demi Vonk

The Netherlands

Demi Vonk is a ATLAS student who started at University of Twente in September 2015. She took a selfie and participated in the T-shirt contest with a story to tell. Find out more about her story below.

Why did you choose UT? What do you like about the University?

Twente was the only university that offered the ATLAS programme. I was interested in many other studies too, but ATLAS had this community like setting I really appreciated: I first went to an open day in May 2014, and when I got back November 2014, the ATLAS core-team remembered my name- I felt at home. Also, it´s really cool to be part of such a ´young´ study. Because you get the chance to somehow shape it a bit.

What is the biggest difference in your current world compared to your previous world?

The campus. That's the best. Facilities, nature... Especially during summer+ I love to go for a walk and see people doing fun stuff everywhere. The sound of people laughing because they are playing a fun game on the field, and the sound of people fanatically playing sports, it´s very diverse!

What’s the story behind your selfie? Can you explain why this one?

I cannot do windsurfing here, and I miss that a lot. I come from the west of the Netherlands, where there are lakes everywhere. Every Sunday my dad and I would drive to another place for competitions. That was great. We sang songs in the car and when we got back at the end of the day my mum would have made us some real great food. 

What is the story behind your selfie? Can you explain why this one?

We were asked to take a picture of [my] world. Whenever I am on the water, I feel that all there is on the planet is me, the wind and the water. I never had that with anything else. It's complete freedom. 

What would you like to achieve during your stay at the UT?

I would like to explore things I am still unfamiliar with; crazy new activities. I don´t think I will ever find another sport other than surfing that satisfies as much as windsurfing does.