Chiel Kienhuis

The Netherlands

Chiel Kienhuis started his Bachelor’s programme in Psychology in September 2015. He really enjoyed his individual ‘student for a day’ at the Psychology programme, which made his decision to attend the University of Twente very easy indeed. Before embarking on his studies, Chiel also took part in the t-shirt contest. Read all about what interests Chiel and why he greatly enjoys studying psychology at our university.

Why did you choose UT? What do you like about the University?

For Chiel, choosing a university was not particularly difficult. Enschede is close to where he lives and the Bachelor’s degree programme in Psychology at the University of Twente was right up his alley. This is because Chiel did not have his heart set on studying clinical psychology, but preferred an area that also involves technology. The University of Twente’s slogan ‘High Tech, Human Touch’ really suits him.

What is the biggest difference in your current world compared to your previous world?

Teachers in secondary school mainly warn you about the fact that once you get to university, you really have to do everything yourself. “I was pleasantly surprised at how well that went for me”, says Chiel. He continues: “You don’t actually have to do everything alone anyway. If you really need help, you can always get it. You can turn to your fellow students or to your teachers. Lots of work is done in groups and you can rely on each other for support, and our lecturers’ doors are almost always open.”

“I would say that the main difference between secondary school and university is the size of the groups. There are no small groups at university, everyone belongs to one big group. There is a real sense of togetherness and group spirit among students in the same year, and I really enjoy that. People act a lot more maturely and everyone is included!”, explains Chiel.

Another important difference is that, at university, you are given assignments with a link to real-life situations in society. “I have worked on a variety of assignments in the context of a number of different modules. Some are more interesting than others, of course, but that’s just how it is”, says Chiel. For example, he worked on an assignment in which he was asked to evaluate the design and interfaces of printers to see how they could be made more user-friendly. He has also been involved in interventions on themes including ‘smoking kills’, and the damaging effects of social media addiction. Chiel also researched homophobia in schools. “I think social projects that encourage people to use their imagination and to put themselves in someone else’s shoes to find solutions are very interesting” he explains.

What’s the story behind your selfie? Can you explain why this one?

For the t-shirt contest, Chiel submitted a picture of himself skydiving above the island of Texel. “I’m a bit of an extreme sports enthusiast. Last summer, we went to Texel for a few days to experience the thrill of skydiving. This challenge was on my bucket list and I am delighted that I did it. It was simply amazing!”, exclaims a beaming Chiel. Wow, he must have some fantastic memories!

What would you like to achieve during your stay at the University of Twente?

Chiel’s answer to this question is: “I have just started my Bachelor’s programme in Psychology. I do not regret my choice of degree programme in the slightest, nor the decision to come to the University of Twente. The way in which the programme combines Human Touch aspects and technological components is perfect for me. This is why I am already considering doing a Master’s in Psychology after I’ve completed my Bachelor’s programme. I think it would be great to work with adults and help them make the right decisions in their lives.”