application & requirements

Deadline for application

24 October 2017

 Application procedure

The funding application and nomination process for both programmes are partially executed by the Dutch institution.

 Application for a MSP scholarship is a procedure separate from the application for course entry. Regardless of funding you will need to register and be found academically accepted for a course first.

 For courses offered by ITC please consult ITC’s study pages at These pages contain all information needed to prepare you for the academic application process. If you seek funding via KOP (NFP) or MSP to study at ITC you must academically apply via the ITC coursefinder first. Find the course that matches your interest and matches up with your academic background and/or field of interest, and register. This will lead you to our Digital Application Form (DAF). One of our student registrars will process your academic application.

 Based on your full academic application the university will determine your qualification for access to the KOP (NFP) and MSP application form, ATLAS.

 To apply for MSP funding please make sure your academic application reaches us well before any KOP (NFP) or MSP deadline for academic assessment takes time. You need to be academically acceptable to be able to apply for most types of funding.

 If you wish to apply for KOP or MSP for the November deadline your short course academic application should reach ITC no later than 24th of October 2017. The deadline does not entail Master’s. ITC handles an earlier deadline. Please consult the ITC webpages.

 Requirements for application

To be considered for a provisional nomination you must be found eligible/unconditionally admitted by the University of Twente. To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

 You can only apply for KOP (NFP) or MSP when you live and work in one of the countries on the KOP (NFP) or MSP country lists. See the links above for an overview. 

  • You have to be nominated by your employer to be provisionally considered for a nomination for either programme. This means you will need to provide to ITC an employer’s statement. You can find example (the format) of this letter here. The employer’s letter should be written on employer’s letter heading and signed and stamped by an authorized person/head of organization. The letter should be dated. If your letter does not meet the format it will be discarded and your application is considered incomplete. 
  • You must supply a motivation on why you wish to be provisionally nominated by ITC. Please see an example of the subjects that need to be addressed in your motivation here. Please note that Nuffic on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers the NFP and MSP programmes. It is recommendable that you to contact their Embassy to find out the local and national policy so that can incorporated that in the motivation. Most embassies have indicated focus points for the region. 
  • You might be required to submit a government statement. Check this listing if you are required to do so. Please find here the KOP (NFP) government statement format and the MSP government statement format.

How to apply

If you meet the KOP (NFP) or MPS requirements you may be considered eligible by the University of Twente for an KOP (NFP) or MSP fellowship. However, it is up to the faculty to actually give you access to the funding application form, ATLAS.

 If you are not considered eligible for access to ATLAS by ITC, priority is given to others. You will be informed accordingly. The decision is final. You will be advised to look for other types of funding.

 If you have been considered eligible, you will receive a link to ATLAS.If you are a national of one of the MSP countries, we will take your application into consideration for MSP.

 Web-form: Funding application form ATLAS

ATLAS will be open for KOP (NFP) or MSP applications for about 1.5 months. You will be informed on the accessibility of the form and you will receive the link to the web-form.

It is essential you have all documents that are needed to fill out the form readily available to you. You only get one attempt at filling out the form. It is not possible to save your application during registering and you cannot return to the registration in a later stage to make changes or additions. All needs to be completed in one session.

Please make sure you have the following documents at hand:

  • Copy of Identity card or passport (valid for the entire application process)
  • Employer statement (see format above)
  • Admission letter of ITC
  • Motivation (see format above)
  • If applicable: Government Statement

Again: If you wish to apply for KOP or MSP for the November deadline your short course academic application should reach ITC no later than 17th of October 2017. If you academically apply after this deadline your application will not be considered for KOP (NFP) or MSP.

Course starts


Type of courses





Nuffic decision

8 week after:           

22 January 2018 & 27 July 2017


5 September 2017

17 October 2017

7 November 2017


ITC will determine the final nomination list based on your application in the web-form, on KOP (NFP) or MPS requirements and priorities indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 If you have not received any message from ITC on your nomination up to 3 months before the start of the course you applied for, and you indicated to seek funding via KOP (NFP) or MSP you were NOT nominated by ITC. You will be informed accordingly. Priority is given to others and you are advised to seek other funding. No further discussion is possible.

 In case of nomination you will receive a message from ITC. Please note this is a nomination. It does not mean you acquired an KOP (NFP) or MSP fellowship yet!


Nuffic will determine the allocation of fellowships and will also consult the Embassies on the selection process. Nuffic will take about 8 weeks to select KOP (NFP) or MSP fellowship holders and will inform ITC on the outcome.

 You will be informed by ITC on having received the offer of an KOP (NFP) fellowship or MSP fellowship.

 If you have been selected, yet are not in the position to attend the course under KOP (NFP) or MSP funding, we stress you to immediately inform us on this cancellation! This gives us the opportunity to withdraw your fellowship and offer it to a deserving reserve candidate.

 When you have been nominated by ITC, yet have not been selected by Nuffic, you will be informed by ITC accordingly, with the reason(s) why you were rejected. Once you received the reasoning for rejecting of your nomination, the decision is final and no further discussion is possible. We advise to seek other type(s) of funding.

 If you have additional questions about the NFP scholarship application process, please contact the NFP contact person for the University of Twente.