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Sino-Dutch Programme for Dutch students

The purpose of the programme is the exchange of talent between the Netherlands and China: Excellence & Exchange. The Sino-Dutch Bilateral Exchange Scholarship is based on a 'Memorandum of Understanding' (MoU) between China and the Netherlands.

Yearly, there are 25 scholarships available for the Dutch students who wish to follow an education in China. The Netherlands and Chinese government finance the scholarships together.

The scholarships for Dutch candidates are meant for good quality candidates who wish to study or do research for a minimum of one year in China on bachelor, Master or PhD level, during or after their present studies. The purpose of the programme is an exchange of talent between the Netherlands and China  (Excellence & Exchange).

For which university or education?

You can indicate a preference for a university in China. This university should be present on the  list of participating universities. You can, amongst others, see if the education concerned is eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship value

The scholarships exists of two parts: a Chinese and a Dutch scholarship. The Dutch scholarship is financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and exists of an amount of € 3.000 per year. 

When you also have been selected for another scholarship, this might have consequences for the Sino-Dutch scholarship application or offering. It is for instance not possible to  receive a Confucius- and a Sino-Dutch scholarship. CSC decides which scholarship you will receive.

When defining the scholarship amount other scholarships received will be considered.


Submit your questions on this scholarship to:

Countries eligible for this scholarship
  • Netherlands

Application requirements

Criteria and conditions

The Sino-Dutch-programme focusses on good quality candidates. These are candidates who have presented themselves very well during earlier studies. Also is considered (based on the information in the application) if a candidate can supply a positive contribution to the relation between the Netherlands and China in the future.

There are specific conditions on age. You need to be:

  • less than 25 years of age (and preferably in the possession of a high school diploma) when you apply for the bachelor programme;
  • less than 35 years of age (and in the possession of a bachelor degree) when you apply for the Master programme;
  • less than 40 years of age (and in the possession of a Master degree) when you apply for a PhD programme (Doctorate);
  • less than 50 years of age (and in the possession of a Master degree or be an Associate Professor) when you apply for the ‘senior scholar programmes’.

For the general programmes applies a maximum age of 45 year of age and the finalisation of at least the high school.

Furthermore, your application should fulfill the following criteria:

  • You have the Netherlands nationality. When not, you live for a longer period in the Netherlands and comply with the regulations for receiving a Dutch student grant.
  • You will follow a bachelor or Master programme in China or start a PhD research. The programme/research corresponds with your studies/research in the Netherlands. Also it is possible to follow an education on Chinese language and culture.
  • Your study/research in China starts around 1 September 2021 or January 2022.
  • The higher education in China is announced on the list of participating universities.
  • We take only 1 application in consideration. When you have applied more than once, only the last application will be considered.


The scholarship consists of two scholarships. There are two sets of conditions as well. The conditions for the Chinese scholarships are partly determined by the Chinese universities. Request the university which you wish to visit of their conditions.

Read the conditions of the Dutch scholarships:

Beursvoorwaarden Sino-Dutch-programma(104 kB) (in het Engels).

Apply for the scholarship

Underneath is described how you can apply for the Sino-Dutch-scholarship. The application process can be time consuming. Universities receive many applications and the website and the online application system of CSC might be sometimes badly accessible. Start, therefore, on time.

When you are still studying, please contact the International office/Foreign Office of your educational organisation. They coordinate probably all applications of your organisation or they wish to stay up to date of your application.

It is important that you submit a complete application. Incomplete applications might be rejected immediately.

Application university

Clearly indicate in your application that you wish to study with a scholarship of CSC. Universities have their own admission criteria and regulations, sometimes in combination with your scholarship application. Please see to it that you fulfill all conditions.

When you follow in the Netherlands a double degree programme, ask your Chinese partner or guest organisation if you are allowed to study with a Sino-Dutch scholarship (this is a CSC scholarship). When you desire a multiple year Chinese Master programme, clearly indicate this with your application.

Application submission

Apply in 4 steps for a Sino-Dutch scholarship:

  • Apply at the university or universities of your choice. Can you not yet apply? Let the university or universities known so that these are aware of your wish to apply.Apply for a scholarship of the Chinese government through the online application system of CSC.
  • On the website of CSC you will find information on the application procedure.

Invulinstructies CSC aanvraagsysteem(71 kB) (in het Engels).

Invulinstructies Nuffic aanvraagsysteem(92 kB) (92 kB)(in het Engels). 

  • Send the necessary documents double (do not use staples and do not supply bound applications) to:
  • Nuffic - Global Development 
    t.a.v. Sino-Dutch Scholarship
    Postbus 29777
    2502 LT Den Haag

Necessary documents

For your application the following documents are required. These are to be found on the  website of CSC. All documents have to be supplied double in English.

For digital applications at CSC the following documents are required:

  • Application form CSC. Complete the form through the digital application programme, print it and sign it;
  • Copy of your passport or identity card;
  • Copy of your highest diploma/degree and the course record. Students who still have to finalize the following diploma/degree, proof of their study progress and expected graduation date is expected.
  • Detailed study or research programme/research proposal (minimum of 200, 500 and 800 words for respective undergraduates, non-degree students and postgraduates);
  • When you apply for a graduate programme or senior scholar programme 2 reference letters of professors or associate professors;
  • Foreigner physical examination form;
  • Copy of your admission letter of the university, a pre-admission document or  correspondence on the application with the university/universities of your choice (optional, when available);
  • Language certificate (HSK, IELTS, TOEFL) (optional, when available);
  • For applicants in the artistic fields additional requirements are applicable. Candidates for music studies are requested to supply their own works. Applicants in the programmes of Visual Arts have to submit their own works among which 2 sketches, 2 colour paintings and 2 other works of art.
  • When you are younger than 18? You also have to submit documents of a legal guardian in China.

Furthermore, you need to submit at NUFFIC the following (with your paper application):

  • Solid motivation for the country and the study or research project in China (maximum 1 A4)
  • curriculum vitae
  • proof that you have been living in the Netherlands for a longer period of time and proof that you fulfill the rules for the receipt of a Dutch student grant (only for candidates who do not have the Dutch nationality).

Also read the explanation with the required documents.

Application closing date

You can submit the online NUFFIC application from the beginning of December 2020. Your application must have arrived digitally at NUFFIC and CSC before 20 February 2021. Before 24 February 2020 the paper application must have been received by NUFFIC. Do not use staples and do not supply bound applications.

Important: the digital applications are not connected to the paper application. Only timely finalisation of all required applications results in a complete application.

How to apply

When you wish to apply press the apply button.