Application & Requirements

Deadline for application

Deadline is to be announced under the new programme Orange Knowledge Programme as soon as possible. Detials will follow.

Application Procedure

The application and nomination procedureof the NFP programme funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is executed by the University of Twente. Application for an NFP scholarship is a procedure separate from the application for study entry. Regardless of funding you will need to register for your PhD trajectory first.

Please supply the following to the University of Twente NFP contact person:

  • General information
  • Full name of applicant
  • E-mail address of applicant
  • Supervisor
  • Start date of scholarship
  • End date of scholarship
  • Field of Study
  • Start date research
  • End date research
  • Number of months the research will take place in a NFP country
  • Link with other NFP activities/other Dutch government-funded activities

The university will determine your qualification for a provisional nomination and pre-nomination position for NFP funding based on your academic application.

Requirements for application

Please note: The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) is currently being phased out. The last fellowships under NFP, for PhD study trajectories, were awarded after the November 2016 application deadline.  

To be considered for a provisional nomination you must be found eligible/unconditionally admitted by the University of Twente. To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must live and work in one of the countries on the NFP country list. The country list consists of 51 countries prioritized in a category 1 or 2. If you are from a country prioritized as 1, your chances to be provisionally nominated are slightly higher. NFP priority is also given to Sub-Sahara countries and female applicants.
  • You must be nominated by your employer to be considered for nomination. This means you will need to provide an employer’s statement. You can download the mandatory format of this letter here. You must not be employed by an organization that has its own means of staff-development or is considered a large business.
  • You must supply a motivation on why you wish to be nominated. Please see the format for motivation here. For NFP certain priorities have been indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, such as Food Security. It is advised to clearly state your affinity and interest in one of the priority areas for NFP in your country.
  • If you work for a government entity, you might be required to submit a government statement. Please check this listing if you are required to do so. You can download the mandatory format of this letter here.

If you are considered eligible for consideration for NFP funding by the University of Twente you will receive a link a web-form (ATLAS) for the formal NFP/MENA application process.

How to apply

Before you start filling out the registration form, please read the registration instructions for candidates carefully.

When you apply using the candidate registration form, it is essential to have all required, aforementioned documents readily available.

It is not possible to save your application or return to it in a later stage. Once the institute NFP deadline is passed, applications will be longer considered.

The University of Twente will determine the final pre-nomination positions based on your application in ATLAS. You will be informed on the outcome accordingly within 4 weeks after deadline.

The University of Twente plays no part in the final allocation of a scholarship. Nuffic will determine the allocation of fellowships and will also consult Embassies in the selection process. If you have been selected by Nuffic, yet are not in the position to attend the course under NFP we stress you to inform us immediately.

If you have additional questions about the NFP scholarship application process, please contact the NFP contact person for the University of Twente.