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DIKTI-LPDP-STUNED Joint Scholarship Programme

NUFFIC Neso Indonesia, Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) and Directorate General of Higher Education - Ministry of Education and Cultrue (DIKTI), through its StuNed Scholarship Programme and DIKTI-LPDP Scholarship programme have agreed to collaborate in a joint scholarship programme.

This joint programme aims to optimize the resources that the organisations have by focusing on some specific areas that are mutually relevant and important to Indonesia's development priorities, the development of key expertise in the Dutch knowledge sector, and the bilateral cooperation agenda of the two countries. This programme is expected to bring more impact to Indonesia's human capital development gearing to 2045 as the year set for Indonesia's economy to take off.

Furthermore, this joint scholarship serves as a pilot project for growing more strategic partnership in the area of education, research, innovation and human resources capacity building. This collaboration is a strategic partnership which follows the trajectory of the Netherlands as one of the favourite study destinations for LPDP scholarship awardees with more than 1500 current students and alumni of LPDP who pursued their studies in the Netherlands.

This scholarship targets young Indonesian potentials with excellent profile to pursue their master's degree in participating Dutch Higher Education Institutions (DHEIs) in courses that are related to the following fields:

Scholarship value

DIKTI-LPDP will cover the following costs:

Nuffic Neso Indonesia through StuNed Scholarship Programme will cover the following costs:

Countries eligible for this scholarship
  • Indonesia

Application requirements

The scholarship applicants should meet the following requirements:

The documents have to be submitted by the scholarship applicants through LPDP E-Beasiswa platform:

How to apply

When you wish to apply press the Apply button