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Conacyt Scholarship

The Mexican Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT) supports Mexican students for studying abroad. It applies to Mexican stundents who want to enroll for a Master's or PhD programme at the University of Twente.

Scholarship Value

  • Contribution towards payment of the tuition fee
  • Contribution towards the living costs of € 1,090 per month for single students and € 1,362 per month for students taking their family with them
  • Contribution of € 655 (USD $715) per year for the medical insurance (and higher contributions if he/she travels with family)
  •  One return flight
  • The duration of the scholarship is max. 24 months for Master's programmes and max. 48 months for PhD

Country of origin


Level of Study


Priority fields

Exact and natural sciences

Biology, Material sciences, Physics, Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Chemistry


Automation and Robotics, Advanced Materials, Urban Engineering and Transport, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Electronics, Engineering

Environmental Sciences

Hydrology, Climate Change, Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences

Aquaculture, Agronomics, Food and its production, Biotechnology, Veterinary and zoological sciences

Health Sciences

Emerging diseases of national importance, Preventive medicine and healthcare, Forensic medicine

Social Sciences (only PhD)

Combating poverty and food security, Knowledge economy, Citizen's security, Public security, Public Science Communication, Digital society and economy, Natural risk prevention, Humanities related to the aforementioned subjects


Programmes associated with exact sciences and their relation with the field of energy in terms of sustainable energy and hydrocarbons (e.g. physics, chemistry, Mathematics, etc.)

  • Hydrocarbons - programmes related to different processes in the field (exploration and extraction, industrial transformation, logistics and transport)
  • Sustainable energy - Energy efficiency, Renewable energy, Usage of clean technology and diversification of primary energy sources