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Resource Management Law Association Scholarship Programme

The Resource Management Law Association of New Zealand Inc (RMLA) is offering one or more annual Masters scholarships for study at any University under the conditions set out below. Scholarships may be awarded for study at either a New Zealand or an Overseas University.

RMLA scholarships are designed to encourage graduate students from a range of disciplines (law, planning, engineering, geography, science, landscape architecture, urban planning and resource management), to focus their research theses or dissertations on topics related to the application of resource management in New Zealand.

The scholarships are are also intended to promote the purposes of the RMLA, and to produce material for RMLA publications (see below). 

Scholarship value

One or more Masters scholarships per annum may be awarded out of an annual fund of $15,000. There will generally be three $5,000 scholarships awarded a year.

Awards may be made subject to acceptance into restricted courses. Any scholarship will be tenable for one year only. Commencement may be delayed to coincide with an overseas University academic year. Tenure will be for a year in which thesis or dissertation work is the major academic activity.

The RMLA may choose to pay the scholarship to the recipient in instalments.


The Scholarship may be held concurrently with other bursaries, awards, or scholarships, provided that the rules of the other award permit this.

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Country of Origin

New Zealand

Level of study

Field of study

Law, Planning, Engineering, Geography, Science, landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Resource Management

To apply for the Resource Management Law Association Scholarship programma you need to meet all the requirements Check the requirements by clicking the button below.