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School of Regional Healthcare Transformation (SoRHT)

Transforming to enhance Transformation!

Right now, the healthcare sector is going through many different changes at once. These changes are influenced by a range of factors, including the constant stream of technological, pharmaceutical, and other innovations; the growing imbalance between demand and supply in healthcare; increased interest in positive health and prevention; and citizens gaining greater autonomy. We are also increasingly aiming to organise care at a regional level. Taken together, all these changes are having a serious impact on everyone concerned, from organisations to individuals. It seems as if everything that used to be normal is now different. How can we create a ‘new normal’, when the current ‘normal’ is already so complicated?

Wouter Keijser, MD, PHD
“Healthcare transformation involves working together to reform the various deep-rooted habits and rules we have developed in the healthcare sector, in close consultation with the patient and the client: a ‘grand social change’. The school facilitates this change through a continuing, positive blend of on-the-ground care, academic principles and innovative co-creation.”
Wouter Keijser, MD, PHD
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The School of Regional Healthcare Transformation (SoRHT) aims to help answer this ‘wicked’ question. We are a learning community in which we combine practical wisdom with academic principles and scientific knowledge, bringing together professional expertise and shared learning experiences in the field. The school promotes the sharing and blending of research, education/ development and practical applications to achieve an effective transformation in healthcare. We base our work on real-world issues and challenges, without compromising on the rigorous scientific method.

Healthcare Transformation
An avalanche of perspectives on care transformation
(in Dutch)

From resilience to swarm theory. Theo Toonen, Dean of the University of Twente in discussion with Wouter A. Keijser and Paul van Liempt, among others about: What drives transformation: technology or engineering? What is the impact of personalized healthcare technology? How do we tackle healthcare regionalisation: with a prescription or a tailor-made approach? And also: the announcement of the new School of Regional Healthcare Transformation, to be launched this summer...