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Academic Skills Workshops

Academic Skills Workshops

Universities’ research and teaching programmes are becoming more and more international. At the same time the topic of academic skills may not always receive the attention it deserves in class. Our Academic Skills workshops are therefore designed to introduce your pupils to the methods applied throughout the English-speaking academic world. These workshops will help them to acquire the skills they will need later as they embark on their degree programme. This foundation for success can be laid in one or two sessions of two hours each, either on campus or at your school.


The academic skills programme consists of two workshops: Research Methods (methods of researching, assessing and analyzing information) and Academic Writing (the ability to produce a coherent text in accordance with scientific standards).

Content and structure 

Research Methods Workshop (approx... 2 hours):

Finding and assessing sources, formulating research questions and hypotheses

Academic Writing Workshop (approx... 2 hours):

Types and structures of texts, academic English, correct citations

The workshops are offered at two different levels: A level (for pupils about to take their A-level exams) and Pre-A-Level (for pupils in the last year before starting their A level).

The A-level version is specifically aimed at preparation for university studies and the practical application of the concepts in a research paper, while the Pre-A-level version focuses on a general introduction to the topic.

Prior to the workshop we will discuss which topics should be covered and which skills and competencies your pupils already possess.

Our workshops are given in English by either German or Dutch native speakers. This offers the opportunity to clarify questions in these languages.

 Location: at your school or on the University of Twente campus

The workshops can be held at your school or at our university. If you choose to come to the campus, the workshops can be easily combined with other activities to give your pupils a full day on campus.


The fee per pupil depends on the number of workshops and the location. 


Our campus

Your school

One workshop (Research Methods OR Academic Writing)



Two workshops (Research Methods AND Academic Writing)



Registration and Information

For more information or to register your class, please send an email to