Customized Activities

CUSTOMIZED Activities 

Pre-U offers customized programmes which are designed individually according to your needs. We work with you to identify your needs and wishes, and develop a programme to accommodate them. Do you need help with the integration of content into one of your subjects? Do you want to add a new and exciting elective to your range of courses? Do you want to get your pupils acquainted with everyday life at a university? Please share your needs and wishes with us and together we will develop a concept for a great programme. In the past we have organized feedback sessions with students via skype or brought together university teachers and pupils during symposiums. Dozens of Personal Assistance Teachers (PALs) are sent to schools to teach numerous topics such as Life and Science.


The costs for customized projects will be agreed with you individually. The standard price of 32 euros/hour for Personal Assistance Teachers can be used as an indication. Travel costs are included. Teaching time and preparation time will be charged at the hourly rate.