Rules and Regulations

PhD policy explained

Hear about the changes in the PhD policy from the Rector (PhD policy meeting 19 February 2014).

Why are changes in PhD policy necessary?

Internal factors

Strong growth of PhD students demands better monitoring, guidance and planning.

External factors

Quality assurance is an issue and the outside world is taking an interest. Above, international developments demand similar treatment.

Implications of new policy

New registration system

New registration system for all PhD students and a PhD Charter which regulates all rights and responsibilities for the whole trajectory.

Introduction to a qualifier

Go/no go decision for the candidate after 1 year

After first year qualifier a promotor is formally appointed

Uniform way of quality and progress of training and supervision

Implementation of the new policy and the system ProDoc in 2014

Design principles of the system ProDoc

Timeline PhD-trajectory from 2014 onwards

Feedback implementation


External PhD students

Is it still possible to have external PhD students?

Physical place requirements:

Are there any requirements on the physcial place where PhD students do their project?

Assigning promotor

Why is the promotor now assigned after one year?

Extension possiblities

Norms for giving extension to the trajectory