Science-based Engineering

The focus of the cluster Science Based Engineering (SBE) is to improve the world by designing and developing new advanced technologies. Characteristic for Engineering is that problems are analyzed as well as possible solutions are generated and their effects are judged. The latter can lead to reformulation of the problem definition resulting in new solutions. Science Based Engineering is a solution oriented approach that iteratively combines problem analyses, solution generation and academic research.

Within Science Based Engineering, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research is carried out in the development of methods and technologies for design and realization of new products and innovative processes and systems, based on a scientific approach. The product range varies from consumer products, tools, instruments, machines to collective products like infrastructure. In all cases  the whole life cycle is considered. In the case of processes attention is focussed on production processes, construction processes, maintenance strategies, process technology and energy conversion. An important aspect is that the developed methods and technologies are applied in practice as demonstrator or prototype in collaboration with industry.

Science Based Engineering will be the breeding ground for excellent societal relevant education, research and research staff. The cluster will deliver excellent Master of Science, PDEng and PhD graduates as well as Postdocs through its research programmes. They possess top-quality knowledge and can independently find answers for interdisciplinary and societally relevant problems by means of science based engineering and an entrepreneurial attitude.

Programme overview

Prof. dr. ir. André de Boer
2 years
4 years