Nano Devices and Systems

The four-year structured PhD programme in Nano Devices and Systems is an internationally oriented programme. A PhD programme at the University of Twente can be started throughout the year. Read more about the related Master's programmes in Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, as well as from Nanotechnology if you have yet to start a Master of Science programme. 

The Netherlands have invested strongly in nanotechnology, and we now start to harvest the results from this investment in terms of research volume and a world-wide leading position in this field. The high level of fundamental research and developed nanofabrication technologies should now more and more be harvested through development of new devices and systems and by educating students to a level that they can contribute to this development. Examples of areas which are maturing and which are at the heart of Nano-Devices and Systems are the “lab-on-a-chip” miniaturized chemical analysis systems, IC’s with integrated sensors like in the air-bag sensor, new data storage techniques, RF-devices for mobile wireless communication, new electronic components and systems beyond CMOS, optical data processing components and systems, compact and efficient filtration devices, new low-invasive medical tools and devices, new technologies for solar energy capturing.

The academics needed for the described translation will be educated within Nano-Devices and Systems, and will eventually become indispensable members of R&D teams working in emerging nanotechnology industry.

Programme overview

Prof. dr. Miko Elwenspoek
2 years
4 years