Fluid Physics

The four-year structured PhD programme in Fluid Physics is an internationally oriented programme. A PhD programme at the University of Twente can be started throughout the year. Read more about the related Master's programmes in Applied Physics if you have yet to start a Master of Science programme. 

Fluid Physics is one of the largest disciplines of classical physics. The fascinating phenomena that are encountered in liquids and gases, ranging from the almost mathematical beauty of a droplet falling from a faucet to the chaos of large scale turbulence, have challenged and continue to challenge the worlds finest physicists, mathematicians and engineers.

In the Fluid Physics programme three groups are involved: the Physics of Fluids group (PoF), the Physics of Complex Fluids group (PCF), and the Computational Biophysics group (CBP). Both in their research and in education the groups aim at a full understanding of the underlying physical phenomena. We accomplish this understanding from a combined approach of the problems at hand, using a mixture of experimental, theoretical and numerical points of view.

Programme overview

Prof. dr. Detlef Lohse
2 years
4 years