Third through sixth year

The PhD phase is by default three years (year 3+4+5), to match international scholarships and project proposals. This is enabled by the fact that the research part of the MSc schedule is devoted to identifying the research problem. When there is funding, PhD trajectories of 4 years will be allowed as well. Qualified students from the participating M.Sc. programs, and relevant M.Sc. programs from other universities can enter WiSe at the Ph.D. level, based on their individual skills. In this case, the Ph.D. will typically take four years, as the research orientation /proposal component of the Master program is lacking.

The programme of the PhD phase consists of:

1. PhD Research, cumulating in papers, prototypes, and a PhD thesis

  • Completion of research plan (Month 1‐6)
  • Development of thesis (Month 7‐30/42)
  • Completion of thesis (Month 31‐36/48)

2. Educational programme in relation to research (20 credits)

Courses, workshops, conferences, national research schools etc.

  • Multi‐day courses from Research Schools. WiSe is related to the national research school ASCI and SIKS. These schools organize courses at PhD level.
  • International summer/winter schools. In this field there are frequent international summer or winter school. The students can participate in such a school in consultation with the WiSe study coordinator.
  • National and international conferences
  • Organization of and contribution to the yearly WiSe symposium

3. Educational programme aimed at widening the perspective of the research student (10 credits)

The student can take master's courses on societal, ethical and philosophical issues, as well as on innovation and entrepreneurship

4. Educational tasks

The students can have a small education task e.g. supervising master's students or practical assignments of bachelor's students

5. Personal development

Courses on technical writing/communication skills

  • Technical writing and editing for PhD students (8 days)
  • Communicating effectively (2 days)
  • Professional Writing I and II (4 sessions)
  • Professional Speaking I, II and III (4 sessions)

Courses project/time management

  • Time management (4 days)

Career orientation

  • Career orientation for PhD students (4 days)
  • Applying for PhD students (2 days)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Research

Examples of research schools for deepening courses

School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS) and Advanced School for Computing and Imaging (ASCI).