The primary objective of the course content for the first two years is that the students can fulfil the requirements defined by the concerned Master of Science examination committee of Applied PhysicsBiomedical EngineeringChemical EngineeringCivil Engineering and ManagementConstruction Management and EngineeringIndustrial Design EngineeringMechanical EngineeringSustainable Energy Technology. This means that in general courses related to these Master's programmes have to be taken. For all Master’s programmes the main part of the second year is covered by the Master’s assignment and, depending on the programme, additional courses and/or an internship.

More information about the Master’s programmes can be found on the Master’s website.

From Master of Science to PhD or PDEng

Top talented candidates can continue with their PhD research or a PDEng technological design programme. In addition, suitable candidates originating from other graduate programmes, either at Twente or elsewhere, may enter the programme after the second year, and participate in one of the Science-Based Engineering PhD programmes. In such cases, the involved programme leaders will assess these candidates on an individual basis and present their suggestions to the participating chairs in order to provide proper embedding.

Pre-qualification for a PDEng and Phd programme

Several things can be done to pre-qualify for the PDeng and PhD programmes during the Master’s:

  • elective courses that fit the intended PDEng or PhD programme;
  • research honours programme, intended for the best ten percent of the Master’s students to fine-tune research skills;
  • international research orientation, preferably a research internship at a partner research institute abroad;
  • writing a research proposal.

The final step is working towards a research proposal during the Master’s thesis. Depending on the programme and the agreements made with the supervisor, the student can either write a research proposal based on the Master’s thesis or instead of the Master’s thesis. This research proposal can serve as an entry for the TGS award.