Novel Nano Materials

Research area

Exceptional materials properties are at the heart of many modern technologies. To optimize properties for given applications, it is very important to understand and control the materials from the atomic to the macroscopic scales. In addition to the intrinsic properties of the materials, of particular interest are the physical and chemical properties of surfaces and interfaces and more generally, of materials in reduced dimensions. These often differ qualitatively from the corresponding bulk properties. Active control of artificial structures, such as multilayers and nanostructures, opens unparalleled and practically inexhaustible opportunities for tailoring properties of new materials. Physics and Chemistry of Novel Materials for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology covers the entire spectrum, ranging from a basic understanding of the relationship between physical properties, structure and chemical composition of (structured) materials, through strategies to control material on nanometer scales towards the development of devices with novel, pre-designed functionalities. All aspects of the various perspectives are addressed in lectures discussing systematic trends in the physics and chemistry of a number of classes of materials, current developments and novel advanced materials.

Materials Science plays an important role in many Strategic Research Orientations (SROs) of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology.