Industrial Engineering focuses on the analysis and design of processes in business and society in a variety of fields, like manufacturing, logistics, product development, construction, telecommunication, finance, and healthcare, as well as their optimization, management, and decision support. Currently, performance in Industrial Engineering often is separately optimized. The increasing size and complexity of systems and resulting vast growth of the ICT environment for data and control communication requires a joint design of both systems and their ICT environment. The UT is well positioned to be a key player in this area. On the one hand, Industrial Engineering is a well-established field of research that is well positioned in application domains including Civil Engineering, Industrial Design Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Management Science. On the other hand, all groups are related via a common mathematical modeling language. In particular via Operations Research, that is also a key research area within Applied Mathematics. Furthermore, the UT is via the CTIT well positioned in the area of ICT.

The University of Twente has a strong tradition in research and education in Industrial Engineering that ranges across technical and non-technical sciences.

Education in Industrial Engineering is such an important field at the University of Twente that we have implemented this Graduate Programme initiative to create more possibilities for students to focus on IE within various Master’s programs, and this initiative builds on an earlier effort to present the opportunities more coherently towards students, visit the Industrial Engineering website.

The field Industrial Engineering has a strong international basis, both in organizations that focus on the professional development and application of the field (Institute of Industrial EngineeringManufacturing and Service Operations Management Society or MSOM, Informs, International Counsil on Systems Engineering) and in leading academic programmes (Berkeley,  Georgia College of Tech Engineering, Stanford, MIT, George Mason University and Carnegie Mellon University).

Although different definitions are used with slightly different emphases, there is a number of clearly common elements that constitute the shared view of what the field of Industrial Engineering represents in education, application, and research.