Ethics of Technology

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professor Philip Brey 

Philip Brey is fascinated by the way in which technology is changing human life. “Biologically and genetically, we are the same beings as our ancestors fifty thousand years ago. Yet, they lived in huts and used stone tools, while we drive cars, fly planes and use mobile devices with which we access information and talk to people across the globe. Technology has made us what we are today.”

Brey believes that not all of the resulting changes are for the good. “Due to modern technology, life has become more stressful, wars have become more deadly, and we are facing an environmental crisis that poses a great threat to us.” In his research, Brey tries to develop models for the large-scale evaluation of new technologies. “How do they affect the quality of life, and the quality of society? We should not just be looking at environmental and health risks, but also consider our core values and ideals when we evaluate new technologies. Such ethical technology assessment can help us make wiser choices and create a better society.”

Brey received his PhD in philosophy from the University of California, San Diego. He then worked at Delft University of Technology before moving to Twente, where he now is full professor of philosophy of technology and chair of the department of philosophy.