Forms doctoral candidates

The forms presented on this webpage: Qualifier Rapport, Evaluation Interview, Assessment Interview and Progress Interview must be used by candidates that started their PhD trajectory after 1 January 2014, and are in line with the PhD Charter (version 2015/02).

For All Doctoral Candidates:

  • The Qualifier Report is necessary for all candidates and contains the scientific judgement of the qualifier committee (with as conclusion: sufficient/insufficient). In case of insufficient the committee has to suggest specific and tangible improvements that can be realised in 3 months.

For Employed Doctoral Candidates (PhD Charter article 2.1.a and b):

  • The Evaluation Interview is a concerted appraisal that includes performance and personal circumstances that can be used for employed candidates after a positive qualifier and in the subsequent 2nd and 3rd yearly appraisals.

  • The Assessment Interview is also for employed candidates and is an formal judgement of the promotor that includes performance and personal circumstances. This is a legal requirement for employed candidates with substandard achievements (i.e. insufficient qualifier or on initiative of the supervisor), see PhD Charter article 16a sub 2 and 8-14.

For Other Doctoral Candidates (non- employed; PhD Charter article 2.1.c and d):

  • The Progress Interview includes performance and personal circumstances and is for non-employed candidates. It is used after the qualifier and in subsequent 2nd and 3rd yearly appraisals.

For All Doctoral Candidates:

  • After a positive (second) qualifier and appraisal the candidate has to request the Doctorate Board to appoint the promotor(s). Please use the “Application form for the appointment of a supervisor” and have it also signed by the promotor(s), and forward it via the dean’s office to the Doctorate Board.

The forms may be downloaded from the widget, and when completed should be uploaded in ProDoc.