Courses and workshops

Courses and workshops


For whom?

This course is intended for PhD students from across the university who wish to receive input and support in writing a (first) scientific research article in English. (PhD's in the first year!)


The course attempts to enable science researchers to communicate clearly and accurately in scientific texts. During the course, participants will learn to structure ideas and formulate accurately, so that writing becomes clear and cohesive. The course raises awareness of conventions in scientific writing, such as style, formality and voice, and offers practice in preventing common errors in advanced written English.  Main topics that will be covered include: reporting on data, incorporating literature, and writing an effective abstract. 

The set-up of the course is as follows: 

A) Four interactive workshops on research writing:

  • Style, form and meaning (1)
  • Literature Review & Introduction (2)
  • Data Commentary (3)
  • Abstract & Title (4)  

B) Individual consultation:

Participants will receive coaching in a one-to-one setting, so that more specific issues encountered in one’s own work in progress can be addressed. 


This is a hands-on course in which active participation is required. Each workshop includes a variety of practical exercises. Participants are expected to complete assignments and writing exercises for self-study. Individual consultations are scheduled after the workshops and gear towards finalising a scientific research article.

Duration and time investment

Attendance at each of the workshops is essential. The duration of each session is approximately three hours. Homework assignments are expected to take approximately two  hours after each workshop. The study load for this course is roughly equivalent to 1 ECTS.

Admission criteria

The course is designed to be accessible to PhD students from across the UT. Participants are not expected to have completed any formal writing course in English. However, participants’ level of written English should be C1 or higher (CEFR). NB: note that this course does not aim to improve basic English grammar.

Dates, time and place

8, 15, 29 November, 6 December 2016,: 9.45-12.30 Building Vrijhof, Lab Skills 2

Individual Coaching will take place on 22 November, 13 and 20 December 2016 (Building Vrijhof, Lab Skills 2)  

Group size

Maximum 12 participants 

Course materials

Will be provided during the training.

Selected course is not available.