What is PDEng?

Difference with PhD?

Difference between PDEng and PhD

Although the PDEng and PhD are both postgraduate degrees, the PDEng programme and the PhD process are not equivalent. The PDEng is a practical oriented professional doctorate in engineering which is better suited to the direct needs of industry, whereas the PhD focuses on scientific research. The three most pronounced differences between a PhD and PDEng programme are:

  • The PhD has a duration of 4 years whereas the PDEng has a duration of 2 years;
  • The PhD trainee is directly engaged with the university, the PDEng trainee with the professional field;
  • The PhD focuses on research, the PDEng on (technological) designs.

If you are an ambitious student who has completed a Master’s degree and would like to focus on technological design, then a PDEng programme might be the perfect opportunity for you! 

The University of Twente offers a diversity of Post-Master PDEng programmes. If you are interested in the PDEng programmes, click on the link below for a programme-specific webpage:

If you are interested in a PhD programme, please have a look at our Twente Graduate School