A PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) programme is a 2 year post-Master’s designer programme at the University of Twente. In consultation with an organisation, this tailor made programme will be designed to educate trainees who are able to design high level, creative and renewing designs for complex issues with a multidisciplinary character. Amongst others, this means that the trainee can:

  • Create a design for multidisciplinary issues individually;
  • Give input on larger projects both individually and together with colleagues;
  • Change quickly between different kind of levels;
  • Give direction to the realisation of a design with a team.

The University of Twente offers a diversity of Post-Master PDEng programmes:

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In short: how does the programme look like?

By means of a combination of an educational part at the University (~60 EC) and a practical design part at an organization (~60 EC), the programme combines academic research in a professional context with education in a range of related subjects.

  • The courses in the educational part has a broadening and in-depth character, with ample attention for professional development of the trainee. The courses will provide the trainee the necessary (non)technological background to evaluate the effects of a technology in the industrial context. In consultation with the company, the programme will be tailor made.
  • During the practical part of the programme, the trainee will spend his time working in industry on a challenging and innovative technological design project – a real problem that needs to be solved. This project will integrate a number of (sub-)disciplines where the trainee transfers results into technological innovation in industry and society. The trainee will be supervised by both engineers from industry as well as by university staff, so he/she is supported by scientific knowledge, practical design experience and project management expertise

The PDEng is open for a wide range of technical educated Master graduates, also if you are not graduated in one of the abovementioned specific fields. More important is that you, your MSc programme, your affinity with technological designs and your motivation is a perfect match with the needs for a specific design project.