The PDEng is a practical oriented professional doctorate in engineering which is better suited to the direct needs of industry, whereas the PhD focuses on scientific research. On successfully completing the programme, you will receive a certified diploma and are entitled to use the academic degree Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng). The programmes fall within the 3rd cycle of higher education, as do the doctorate PhD programmes.

From MTD to PDEng

From January 1st 2004 onwards all candidates that successfully finalise one of the programmes are awarded the degree Professional Doctorate in Engineering (abbreviated PDEng, to be placed behind the surname). Before this date candidates, who successfully completed one of the programmes, received the degree Master (MTD).


All diplomas are entered into a central Register, which is kept by the “Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs” (KIVI, Royal Dutch Society of Engineers).

Certification by CCTO

All programmes are certified by the Dutch Certification Committee for Technological Design Programs consisting of representatives from the Universities of Technology in The Netherlands, the Council of Central Industrial Organizations in The Netherlands and the Royal Dutch Society of Engineers. Here you can find further information about the PDEng degree and  Supplement issued by the CCTO.