The two-year post-MSc programmes of the University of Twente can become your passport to a faster successful career in industry or business. This passport is the degree Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) which you will be awarded upon the successful completion of the programme.

The PDEng is open for a wide range of technical educated Master graduates, also if you are not graduated in one of the specific fields Civil EngineeringEnergy & Process TechnologyHealthcare LogisticsMaintenance, or Robotics. More important is that you, your MSc programme, your affinity with technological designs and your motivation is a perfect match with the needs for a specific design project.

Combining Learning and earning

The PDEng is open for a wide range of technical educated Master graduates. If you are accepted into one of the programmes, you are appointed as a trainee for the duration of two years and receive a salary. As you become an employee of the University or a company, you combine learning and earning throughout the programme.

During the design project, which is done in and for industry, you demonstrate your ability to apply your theoretical knowledge in solving a real-life, complex design problem. Many of our graduated PDEng trainees joined the company where they carried out their design assignment and now fulfill management positions. An other possibility after the programme is an abbreviated PhD traject.


For an actual overview of PDEng vacancies, see the vacancy page of the University of Twente.

If there are no open vacancies for the programmes in Civil Engineering, Energy & Process Technology, Healthcare Logistics, Maintenance and Robotics, it is possible to submit an open application so we can add you in our database.