Healthcare Logistics

within the PDEng programme in Healthcare Logistics

The two years lasting PDEng programme in Healthcare Logistics consists of three blocks: a General course block, an Operations Research Block and the technological design project.

General Course Block

The General Course Block consists of the following courses:

Elective courses at the Centre for Training & Development (UT), LNMB or GP-OML

The elective part in homologation courses can fill a gap in basic knowledge. To fill this gap, you can choose a MSc course of the UT Masters in Applied Mathematics (specialisation Operations Research), Industrial Engineering and Management, and Health Sciences.

In case you do not need a homologation course, you can fill the 5 EC with elective courses provided by the Centre for Training & Development of University of Twente, LNMB, Beta and GP-OML.

Elective professional development courses can be amongst others courses in Time Management, Project Management, Creative thinking, From idea to patent to business, Presentation skills, Project management, Systematically searching for information or Technical Writing & Editing. For more information and the dates of these courses, please check out the website of the Centre for Training & Development .

Operations Research Block

This education block carries a total study load of 30 EC. This block includes five compulsory courses (25 EC) and there is room for an elective course (5 EC). For the elective block, together with the direct supervisors, you can select courses which are of interest for the technological design project. In case you followed (a similar) one of the below mentioned courses, you can replace the course by an elective course.

Elective courses can either be (Post-)master courses at the University of Twente, as well courses at LNMB (Landelijk Netwerk Mathematische Besliskunde), Beta or GP-OML (Graduate Program Operations Management & Logistics). Below you can find an anthology of elective courses: