Civil Engineering

PDEng Project - Better
traceability of cables and pipes contributes to damage prevention


Location: University of Twente – Enschede
Prior education: MSc in Civil Engineering, Educational Science and Technology,  or a related discipline.
Hours: 40 hours per week
About employer: and
Project leader: A.G. Dorée

PDEng Design Project

Background of the design project

Before and during excavation and breaking the soil specific measures are taken to prevent damage to other cable, pipes and underground infrastructures. It is required to announce the scheduled soil disturbing activities and to gather information from the utility owners at for location. Furthermore test trenches and trail pits are dug to identify cables and pipes, to verify the actual positions, to establish ownership, and to check the correctness  of the upfront gathered information. This detection and identification would be easier, more reliable and robust if the cable and pipes would be better traceable.

Content of the design project

The mission of the design project therefore: Improve and develop a coherent set of strategies and technologies to enhance traceability, detectability and identification of cables and pipes (including type, alignment and depth).

During the educational part of the programme, you will receive a customised education pack-age relevant to the project that may consist of courses in design methodologies, systems engineering, modelling and simulation, sensors, information modelling, data mining and decision support system design.

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