Civil Engineering

PDEng Project - Damages to
pave walks and pavement due to excavation, and disagreement over the quality of
pave walks and paving before and after the project.


Location: University of Twente – Enschede
Prior education: MSc in Civil Engineering, Educational Science and Technology,  or a related discipline.
Hours: 40 hours per week
About employer: and
Project leader: A.G. Dorée

PDEng Design Project

Background of the design project

Laying of FttH in many case requires removing and replacement of the pavement and pave walks.  Municipalities require these surfaces to be brought back to their initial state. This necessitates taking detailed inventory of the state of the surfaces before the project, after the project and often also at end of the guarantee period to monitor soil setting. Currently personal visual inspection is the way to take inventory. This process is time consuming and can lead to quarrels over subjectivity and to claims. In some cases the contractor may offer a refurbishment of the paving. In these cases again the visual inspections are the main method to assess the quality of the work. There is a need for methods and techniques to reduce the effort and subjectivity of these inspections and assessments.

Content of the design project

The mission of the design project is: Develop an approach, methodology and possibly techniques or tools to streamline and objectify the process of inspection of paving/pavement before and after the digging/filling of the trench.

During the educational part of the programme, you will receive a customised education package relevant to the project that may consist of courses in design methodologies, systems engineering, modelling and simulation, sensors, information modelling, data mining and decision support system design.

This PDEng assignment will be hosted and financed by Gebroeders van der Donk as ZoARG partner.

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