event: Masters of Impact weeks

How to choose a Master’s degree and improve your chances at having an awesome career

Your Bachelor’s degree is almost in the bag. What’s next? Continuing your studies with a Master's degree is a smart investment in your future. To help you and your fellow Bachelor’s degree students, we will be organizing the MASTERS OF IMPACT WEEKS from 12-23 February 2018. During this event:

  • You will discover which of our 37 inspiring Master’s programmes suits you best. 
  • You will get more in-depth information about our Master’s programmes and the various specializations.
  • You can talk to teachers, current master’s students and alumni about career prospects.

Why You Should Not Miss The 'MASTERS OF IMPACT WEEKS'

A Master’s degree makes you a specialist in your field of expertise and improves your chances of having a great career. It is never to early to start considering your options and decide which Master’s degree is most suitable for you. If you wait until the end of your Bachelor’s programme, you may seriously limit your options. If you like to switch to another field of study for example, or use your minor profile for a pre-Master’s programme then you can, but make sure you start preparing on time. Don’t forget, your future begins during the Master’s Weeks!  You do not need to register, participation is free of charge!

Come and attend my lecture about the relationship between science and industry. I will tell you all about what the ecosystem in the University of Twente region has to offer and how to increase your chances of finding a suitable job here.Kees Eijkel - Director of Strategic Business Development

Daily programme for the 'MASTERS OF IMPACT WEEKS'

Get a head start on your future. Right here on campus! For ten whole days, you will have the chance to meet with teachers, Study Advisors and current Master’s degree students to find out everything you ever wanted to know and more about interesting Master’s programmes so you can make the right choice. Visit the general Master’s information market (which includes lunch!) on Tuesday the 13th of February. Visit additional sessions for even more in-depth information and inspiration.

The day to day programme will be announced later...

Do these questions sound familiar?

  • What use is a Master’s degree to me?
  • I would like continue my studies in a different field than my Bachelor’s. Is that possible?
  • Can I use my minor profile for a pre-Master’s programme?
  • Which courses does the Master’s programme offer?
  • Does the programme have any electives?
  • Which courses can I take abroad?
  • What is the current situation in the labour market?
  • Is there any job security in this field? Where could I work after my studies?

The above are just some of the questions that our teachers and Master’s degree students would love to answer during the MASTERS OF IMPACT WEEKS.  

At the UT every student gets the opportunity to explore and exploit their interests and skills, both in their studies and other aspects such as student associations and organizations.Carmen Ziel, student Communication Studies

Interesting for whom?

  • Second and third-year University of Twente Bachelor’s degree students who would like to enrol in Master’s programmes for which they are immediately admissible. Students who would like to get more information about specializations, the labour market and find out more about the experiences of other Master’s students.
  • Anyone who wants to use their minor profile to do a Pre-Master’s in order to gain admission for non follow-on Master’s programmes.

4 reasons to continue studying 

  1. Internationally renowned for research. This world faces complex challenges. Depletion of natural resources, pollution, economic inequality, social and political unrest. At the University of Twente, you will find six leading research institutes where you can do your part to help find solutions to major global challenges. For ourselves and for future generations.
  2. Great job opportunities after your Master’s degree. After completing your Master’s degree, you can choose to do a four-year PhD programme and have a career in science. If you’re more interested in practical design than research, one of our PDEng programmes might be perfect for you. 
  3. Unique Human Tech, Human Touch approach. At our university you work on the cutting edge of technology and social sciences to find solutions to some of the challenges humanity and society are facing today.
  4. Where a personal approach and global ambitions go hand in hand. With more than 80 nationalities, the University of Twente is a bustling and diverse global village. You automatically become a citizen of the world, and our personal approach helps you realize your potential.