Hana from Indonesia

Name: Hana
Country of origin: Indonesia
Programme: Communication Studies (MSc)

The international environment in University of Twente makes me feel welcomed. 

Life before studying in University of Twente

Before moving to the Netherlands, I lived in Tangerang, a bustling satellite city of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Multimedia Nusantara University, majoring in Communication Science. I have always wanted to have international experience, therefore I decided to broaden my knowledge abroad.

Netherlands was my first choice. It is home to many pioneers and entrepreneurs, from Jan Pieterszoon Coen to the modern day Ben Woldring, and I admire its devotion to international business and network. With shared history dating back to the 16th century, I feel Netherlands could be my second home.

Why University of Twente?

University of Twente is one of few universities in Netherlands that offers marketing as part of Communication Studies major and not Business. This provides linearity to my previous degree, Communication Science. In addition to that, University of Twente has fostered entrepreneurship long before it became popular. As I am always eager to start my own business in the future, I have no doubt that I can gain necessary skills and knowledge to be an entrepreneur. At last, University of Twente also partners with numerous Indonesian scholarship, thus broaden the opportunity to study here.

Life as a student

University of Twente really takes the slogan “High Tech, Human Touch” seriously! Although my major is social sciences, I have the opportunity to learn how to implement technology in social research. One of the example is using electroencephalogram (EEG) device to study consumer’s choices. Theories are learned and practiced, therefore it can also be applied in everyday life.

I also have the chance to do projects and research with students for another faculties, creating interdisciplinary learning environment. Furthermore, I enjoy being friends with people from around the world. The international environment in University of Twente makes me feel welcomed.

Hailing from a city that never rests, I really enjoy living my life differently in the Netherlands. Work-life balance is encouraged, and I have learned to spend time for my friends and hobbies aside from studying and working.

All in all, moving to the Netherlands and studying here is a major step in my life’s chronicle. However, I’m sure that this step will mould, change, and endow me with a new perspective. All of which I need to be an excellent practitioner in my field.


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