MSc University of Twente

Name: Irfan
Country of origin: India
Programme: Electrical Engineering (MSc) 

University of Twente offers you tools to solve complex world problems with your legs crossed in front of a submerged clock tower in a serene pond. 

Hoi allemaal, I am Irfan. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Electrical Engineering (Biomechatronics Stream) at the University of Twente. University of Twente was one among several options I had to pursue my masters at. What really stood out was the innumerable startups associated with the University, the enticing business park and the close knit association with industry for the field that I was interested in. It was low on cost and high on creativity as compared to universities elsewhere. I see that you are also excited about this place. So come over to our Facebook page and shoot away all your crazy questions, which I would be happy to help with.

After a brief stint in careers tangential to my field, I found an exciting offer at University of Twente. The projects and research being done here was futuristic. As I wanted to get in on the exciting knowledge exchange that was happening here, I signed up for my travel west.

Studying at University of Twente is not your normal Master’s Degree. The coursework is designed such that you become the sculptor of your track. The courses available are broad and are left for you to decide. My coursework contains subjects that are a mix between technical courses, philosophy and design. This gives me a broad approach to solving problems efficiently.

The University doesn’t stop there. Its beautiful campus and art gallery in Vrijhof speak volumes of the culture that the people have built. It offers you tools to solve complex world problems with your legs crossed in front of a submerged clock tower in a serene pond.

The Student Union at the University is the home to several associations that include sports, cultural, study, and several other associations. The sports centrum at the campus and the art clubs offer an enriched atmosphere for building yourself physically and mentally. Apart from the huge central library, there is also a fiction and Japanese manga club ‘Belletrie’ at the campus.

The Indian Students Association at University of Twente offers regular events such as Diwali, Holi, Dandia etc. that are celebrated by all on campus. They also arrange trips to cities or places of interest in other countries. The close community of Indians also otherwise often meet for homemade recipes. The open markets on Saturdays and the Asian stores in the city keep your taste buds Indian.

Being vaguely similar to English except for its crazy grammar, Dutch isn’t hard to master. And the Dutch aren’t hard to get along with. Though cheerful and open, they give you their opinions directly. This makes expressing yourself easy, without having to worry about stepping on other’s toes.

Being a student at University of Twente has been so stimulating for me. With carefully structured courses and good industrial relations, I believe this university could be a spring board for you too.

Tot ziens.


Do you have a question for Irfan? Contact him via our dedicated Indian Facebook page. For more information about the University of Twente you can also visit our Indian web page.

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