MSc University of Twente

Name: Mira Stefanova
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Programme: Business Administration (MSc)

I know everything about the challenges one goes through in the important process of preparing for and starting an education abroad. Therefore, I am here to help Bulgarian students interested in the University of Twente. 

Hey there! My name is Mira. I am 22 and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Business Administration at University of Twente. I arrived in Enschede, the Netherlands in 2012 and since then I have had the pleasure to educate myself through an international bachelor’s study and also grow as an individual through different extracurricular activities. For me those included doing extra projects as part of the Honors program, volunteering as the Vice president of the local office of the biggest international student organization AIESEC and enjoying my hobbies – tennis and horseback riding, with the student sport associations on campus.

You can follow our dedicated Bulgarian Facebook page for first-hand impressions of the University of Twente and meet us at one of the Study Abroad fairs in Bulgaria. Who knows – we might be talking face to face next time! Till then, you can post your questions on our page and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Starting your education in the Netherlands, there was one biggest difference with Bulgarian education which stroked me first. Unlike the educational system which I had known before (the one where you are thought what to think) here the focus is on learning how to think. There is equality in the communication between students and lecturers and you are stimulated to question and discuss the knowledge which is being studied. Furthermore, there is flexibility within the courses of your study program. For master students at the beginning of each quartile every student has to choose their next courses (from a list of required and elective courses, depending on the program, as you can see on the university website).  Developing as an independent professional and individual is also assisted by a program mentor who acts as your personal career advisor/coach and can help students when making important study choices.


When it comes to life outside of the study two words come to mind: “Student activism!” Students are involved in almost everything: culture organizations, study associations, sport associations, sororities and fraternities, even the university governance itself. Think of almost any interest of yours and there most probably is an organization for it, which would love to share experiences with you. Some of my closest friends and most valuable learnings have been as an active student, so a personal tip would be to also look beyond the lecture halls.

Studying at the university with biggest campus in the Netherlands has its perks too. Campus life is an intellectual feast and thanks to the open and welcoming environment, you will have the chance to interact with people from the many different faculties within the university. There are not that many universities where, while studying business, you will get to talk to people who are developing new cancer detection methods, working on virtual realities, preparing to educate the next generations, using nanotechnology to create laboratories on a chip or building intelligent robots as a hobby in their free time. And let me not forget - there is some activity happening on campus grounds nearly every week, so there is no chance of being bored!


Do you have a question for Mira? Contact her via our dedicated Bulgarian Facebook page. For more information about the University of Twente you can also visit our Bulgarian web page.

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