Bruno from Brazil

Name: Bruno
Country of Origin: Brasil
Programme: Civil Engineering & Management (MSc)

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Hi! I am Bruno Guasti Motta. I am 29 years old and I am in the Civil Engineering & Management Master's programme. When I started my bachelor in Brazil, I would never imagine myself doing a Master course so far from home. However, after a few years in the bachelor, I was hit by a feeling that follows me until today: The world is very small and the opportunities are everywhere! Therefore, I decided I wanted to have a global career as a Civil Engineer. Three years after my graduation, with a substantial working experience, it was time to pursue with my major objective: Find a specialization course abroad. Researching about courses and countries, I’ve found universities from all over the world, but one place in particular caught my attention: The Netherlands.

Perhaps because of their advanced knowledge about engineering, since more than a quarter of the country is situated bellow the sea level (and any natural disaster had happened in the past decades!), or because 86% of the people speaks English in an advanced level. Those reasons, allied with the fact that Netherlands has the third best educational system in the world, made me believe that Holland was the place where I could improve my abilities and become the professional that I’ve always dreamed to be.

Searching a University in The Netherlands wasn’t so difficult, becayse through their websites is was possible to find all information needed. The most difficult thing for me was to decide which specialization would fulfil my expectations, among all available. When I saw the University of Twente’s website I was amazed firstly because of the size of the campus and secondly due to the amount of Master courses available (there are 36 programmes in almost all areas of study). The fact that the majority of Masters programmes of University of Twente are all Master of Science (MSc) was important in my decision as well, since it’s easier to obtain the validity of this degree in Brazil. But what makes University of Twente different from others is the “High Tech Human Touch”, an approach that combines technological studies with human sciences, which aims to improve not only your technical skills but also your managerial abilities. The application was relatively simple and it can be done 100% online. The admission department is always available for answering questions and help you with the process.

Being on campus is already one remarkable experience. Not only for the size, but also because everything is perfect! There is a huge green area with trees and grass fields and the buildings of classes and lab’s complement this amazing scenario. The free Wi-Fi is available everywhere. The sports facilities are another good point of the campus. On campus you can find all kind of sports and they’re all organized into associations, which is really nice to meet new people (especially Dutch). Of course the association that I make part of is the football one (that’s right, they don’t call it soccer here!).

In my opinion, living in The Netherlands means quality of life. The fact of using bicycle as a mode of transport already makes you feel better in your daily activities. In addition, the infrastructure of the country is all designed for bicycles and public transport, with bike lanes and bike parking everywhere! If you need to go to a further place, the train system is extremely efficient! (Amsterdam is only two hours from here). Cars are definitely luxury items here and you won’t actually need them. Regarding with the city, the University of Twente is located in Enschede. A quite charming city where you can find some nice bars and good places for shopping. Because of its proximity to the east boarder and also for receiving many German students, the central station is connected with the German transport system, making it easier to reach Dortmund, Munster and other nice cities of Germany. With respect to the climate, the winter isn’t considered extreme, and snow in The Netherlands is rare. With a good jacket and a good pair of gloves you can cycle everywhere. Hope to see you here!

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