Anas from the Arab World Region

Name: Anas
Country of origin: Arab World (Morocco)
Programme: Advanced Technology (BSc)

University of Twente: Where the process of finding the solution is more important than the answer itself. And the lecturers and student assistants are there to help you develop your own way of solving problems. 

Hello! My name is Anas. Born and raised in Oujda, Morocco. Currently staying in Enschede where I follow my bachelor of Advanced Technology. After many hours of research for the right bachelor program I came to the decision that the BSc of Advanced technology offered at University of Twente was the one to go for.

The program is English taught, internationally recognized and most importantly combines many engineering disciplines with mathematics and entrepreneurship. Add that to the nice green campus with its innovative architecture and state of the art labs. All this made it clear to me that I made the right choice by joining UT.

In my free time I play futsal weekly with my friends in the sportcentrum of UT and also Go kart with the karting student association. I am the moderator of the page dedicated for the future students from the Arab World to help them pursue their studies abroad. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to assess you.


Do you have a question for Anas? Contact him via our dedicated Facebook page for the Arab World region. For more information about the University of Twente you can also visit our Arab World web page.

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