Trudy received her Bachelor’s in Technical Medicine from the UT. Following a one-year hiatus during which she backpacked through Asia, she is currently studying for her Master’s in Technical Medicine. She chose the Medical Imaging and Interventions (MII) specialization. “While flipping through a paper during my physics class in high school, I noticed an ad for the Technical Medicine Bachelor’s at the UT. The description spoke to me: combining technology and medicine, my fields of interest.”

What I find interesting about this programme is that you learn to combine two disciplines, which results in better ways to integrate technology in healthcare. Diagnostics and treatment can thus be optimized. I always found the why-question very important. I truly start understanding when I learn why things happen in a particular way. Logical reasoning and the challenges involved in solving medical problems: this is what makes Technical Medicine the ideal programme for me.

During my bachelor thesis I worked on connecting chordea tendineae as minimally invasively as possible to an defective heart valve and cardiac wall. During the project it became clear that this was a very big assignment. Our final product was not a completely new treatment plan, but a list of requirements for developing a new technique. What I liked about this was that we got into the anatomy, pathology and physiology of the heart, and we explored the use of potential imaging techniques and minimally invasive cardiac procedures.

In addition to the skill classes where we learn to inject and stitch for example, I am going into MRI, CT, PET and other imaging techniques so I can optimize patient diagnostics and treatment.

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