It was definitely the combination of the medicine aspect combined with the beta aspect that once drew my interest to the study Technical Medicine. Now I am in my Masters in the track Sensing and Stimulation that focusses on signal acquisition, signal analysis, and system modelling. It was difficult for me to make a decision between the two tracks offered (Medical Imaging & Intervention and Medical Sensing & Stimulation). This was because the essence of what you are doing and the skills you use are very similar: the innovative character, reasoning, connecting different fields, the mathematics and of course the clinical, medicine part. Then there is the more elaborate programming and applied mathematics that comes forward in both Master tracks. I finally chose Sensing and Stimulation on gut feeling when going through the internship assignments: I tended to open more Medical Sensing and Stimulation assignments and read them more thoroughly. 

The master Technical Medicine is a challenging program that definitely requires effort to complete. Expectations from the passionate teachers are high as they come from different fields of expertise and expect you to know about patient ventilation in the Intensive Care to mechatronic systems to the mathematics of nerve conduction. This makes it diverse and much more applied and practical than the bachelor. Most of your learnings will come from projects and literature instead of lectures and books. It develops you as a researcher (academically in reading and writing, in creating research posters, setting up experiments with patients and/or technology) and makes you gain actual skills you can apply (signal analysis techniques, system modelling, data processing). This also helps greatly in shaping an idea of your future as a Technical Medicine professional.

For me my first year of the master revealed my interest in the advanced signal analysis with help of machine learning algorithms. I will definitely choose my internship assignments accordingly to develop myself further in this field. If I will end up working in the hospital, I am not sure. But I am sure I have acquired a great set of knowledge and skills through Technical Medicine that can be applied in way more places than just the hospital walls.

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