After finishing the Bachelor of Technical Medicine the logical choice is to continue to the master of Technical Medicine. You can choose for the Imaging and intervention specialization or to sensing and stimulation track. However in the final year of the bachelor I had some debate with myself on to continue or not. I had looked into business masters or engineering masters. However I enjoyed the aspects of Technical Medicine to much to alter my directions. The engineering aspects combined with the purely practical clinical skill achievements were still triggering my enthusiasm.

After this decision the choice of the track was easy. I am a more imaged orientated person. The techniques, physics and chemistry of the imaging modalities used have had my interest somewhat more compared to the physiology and physics in the human body. Next to this the intervention part of the track consists of the processing of images by segmentation, visualisation and navigation of a medical intervention with biomaterial and stem cells.

The case in the second semester contained all the aspects of the track and showed a nice coherence of the technical medical view. The case was a surgical intervention on a broken femur where a large piece of bone was missing. With the acquired knowledge we could think of a method to treat the broken femur with technological innovations in the imaging, navigation and restoring the function of the leg with a biomaterial.

After the first year the internships will start where all knowledge will be tested and the clinical experience will be vastly improved. This is where I am now and I am eager to start!

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