We are Emil and Nick, two master students from the University of Twente. Nick is currently doing one of his clinical internships for Technical Medicine and Emil is finishing his master’s degree in both Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems.

In spring 2017, we followed the master’s subject Biomedical Signal Acquisition from Dr Olthuis. Part of the subject consisted of writing a review paper on biomedical sensors. We knew each other from the student climbing association and decided to write it together.  Although we had never worked together before, we believed the partnership could be beneficial, as our different knowledge backgrounds might complement each other.

We decided to write our review on peripheral nerve electrodes for the control of neuroprostheses, like bionic arms or legs. This subject matched well with both our study backgrounds. Apparently this collaboration worked out well, as Dr Olthuis suggested we submit our paper to a peer-reviewed journal.

Publishing a peer-reviewed paper comes with quite a few steps. After thoroughly checking and refining our manuscript, we sent it to a journal that matched our research subject and had a good impact factor. After a month we received a reply from the journal’s reviewers. Although we needed to make revisions, the paper was not rejected and we knew there was a good chance of getting it published. We worked on improving our paper and got a lot of valuable input from Dr Olthuis. At certain moments it was challenging to work together on the paper because Emil was doing his internship in Canada. As a result, Emil had to get up at 6 A.M for many video call meetings. After a couple of months correcting our paper, we received the news we were hoping for: Our paper had been accepted! ‘Update on Peripheral Nerve Electrodes for Closed-Loop Neuroprosthetics, by E.H. Rijnbeek, N. Eleveld and W. Olthuis’. The entire process was time-consuming but we learned a lot and it was definitely worth it!

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