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Wesley Roozing

Wesley studied Advanced Technology at the University of Twente. When he finished his bachelor’s, he studied for his Master’s in System and Control, and chose the Robotics and Mechatronics specialisation. When he finishes his master’s, he would like to do a PhD at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) in Zürich: “I visited the ETH during a study trip with the study association. They do a lot of research in the robotics field and it is one of the world’s top technical universities.”

I have always liked mechanical systems and engineering, something I got from my father, who has a company in the automotive industry. Because of my interest in physics in general as well, I chose the Bachelor’s in Advanced Technology, which is a very broad, interdisciplinary study. During that time I got interested in the integration of multiple disciplines; computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and control engineering.

The most productive and fun research I have done so far was my master’s internship, which I did at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics in Sydney. I spent about half a year abroad and worked on Visual Servoing of Vertical Take-Off and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. I made weeks of 60 to 70 hours, but I was having so much fun that it cost me little effort.

Enschede is a nice city with lots of activities being organised. There are lots of good restaurants, pubs and other nightlife places as well as a good shopping centre. The infrastructure is also quite good, in terms of roads, busses and glass fibre internet in the entire city.

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