vassias mathioudakis

I am Vassias Mathioudakis from Greece. My background is environmental engineering at the Technical University of Crete. I was a member of the solar car team there and I always wanted to follow a study on sustainable energy technologies.

The master Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) at the university of Twente (UT) in the Netherlands offered me the technical and social base every engineer seeks to succeed in the renewable energy sector all over the world. The study program has as a backbone a range of courses on all the major renewable energy technologies. In particular, wind and solar energy, biomass energy and hydrogen production and storage. Various other essential courses related to energy are offered in order to frame the knowledge. All the courses are connected to high tech laboratories. The master is internationally orientated and I met many students from all over the world.

The UT also had the unique ability to offer me a wide range of sport facilities on the university campus. Gym and many other active sports associations are a distinctive advantage of the university that were unexpected to be so extensive.

The topic of my master thesis is the relationship between biomass energy and water demand in which I assessed the water footprint of bioenergy from biomass residues. The UT offers a very solid biomass energy knowledge base, especially on thermochemical conversion methods compared the other Dutch technical universities. After I finish my studies, I am planning to work in the Netherlands.

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