student experience

Maarten Holtkamp

From the very start of my studies, I was interested in Thermal Engineering and in all forms of sustainable energy. I opted for the Master’s in Sustainable Energy Technology, because it enabled me to combine both. This Master’s programme is unique because it is very diverse and it teaches you to take a broad view of problems. It challenges you with multidisciplinary courses that range from high-tech to the world of economics.

The programme offers you a wide range of possible specializations. My advice for future students of Sustainable Energy Technology is to go for the one that seems to suit you best. The easiest way to find out is to speak to the heads of all the research groups you are interested in.

Career prospects are a good reason for choosing Sustainable Energy Technology. As fuel prices rise and public awareness of the environment grows, companies are being forced to implement alternative and renewable forms of energy. This is resulting in a high demand for well-trained staff, such as SET students. When I finish my studies, I’m thinking of becoming a PhD student so that I can develop even more as an engineer and a scientist.

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