Alumnus experience

Stijn van Ewijk

I graduated from the MSc Sustainable Energy Technology in 2013. I chose the program because it combines different disciplines and focuses on important questions regarding the environment and sustainability. I chose electives in the field “energy and society” and combined this with a second MSc degree in Public Administration, also at the UT.

The interdisciplinary nature of SET makes it a challenging and interesting program. I got to know a diverse group of students and learned about many different aspects of sustainability. As a mechanical engineer by background, I gained much from the courses related to chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and social sciences.

The SET course gave me many interesting opportunities. For my internship, I did research on Swiss energy innovation at the Dutch Embassy in Bern and presented the results to the innovation department in The Hague. I was also fortunate enough to participate in the Young Future Energy Leaders program of the Masdar Institute of Technology in Abu Dhabi.

Today I am pursuing a PhD in Sustainable Resources at University College London (UCL). My focus has shifted from energy to materials but I still benefit very much from the interdisciplinary grounding of the SET program. I definitely recommend the degree if you are interested in gaining a broad understanding of today’s energy and sustainability challenges.

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