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Housing for Spatial Engineering students

Entry VISA and/or Residence permit

For students who need an entry visa and/or residence permit to study in the Master’s Spatial Engineering the ITC Faculty provides accommodation in well-furnished rooms at the ITC International Hotel (IIH).

No entry visa and/or residence permit needed

If you are:

  • an (international) student who does not need an entry visa and/or residence permit, or
  • a second or third year student,

and you are looking for accommodation on campus or in the vicinity of our university, please create an account at Roomspot; the online housing portal for Enschede and Hengelo. Here you can find the current housing offer in Enschede and Hengelo and apply for the accommodations you are interested in.

Find accommodation on Campus or vicinity
Online housing portal of the University of Twente
Go to Roomspot!

Additionally, the UT assists you in finding accommodation by providing you with our overview on which several external parties in the region are listed that offer housing.

Duration of stay

The accommodation that you rent via the University of Twente is available to you for a period of up to 1 year. As our accommodations are classified as ‘short stay’, you are allowed to rent for a period of maximum one year, after which you are required to find your own accommodation. This way we can continue to offer first-year housing to the next generations of students.

Please note: for ending your rental contract, most rental agencies and landlords handle a notice period of one month. We strongly suggest you to check your rental contract for the conditions that apply to you.

For all matters related to the state of your accommodation (e.g. damage, leakage) please contact your rental agency.

The city of Enschede – which is very popular amongst students – has a competitive housing market. We strongly recommend you to inform yourself about the Dutch housing market for students, and to start your search for a room in time.

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